Fluid sampling

Clean and easy

Preventive maintenance & environmental control

Instruction showing how to best use the fluid sampler.

By following the instructions your sampling job will be quick and safe, with minimum risk of spill or overfilling, and you don’t have to clean the pump between jobs. Important, make sure that the pump is at a higher level than the surface of the fluid you sample, otherwise you will start a siphon and may overflow.

To get detailed instructions in English, German or see our videos, click respective link below


Cut a suitable length of tubing, and cut at an angel. This way the the tube will not suck in against walls.


Put the tube into the fluid you want to sample.Preferably use a pointer to find the right spot.


Put the other end through the pumphead so that you can just about see it on the other side of the head.


Mount a bottle on the pump.


Pump two or three fast strokes and push the piston in. The bottle will now fill. Make sure the bottle is vertical and at a higher level than the surface of the fluid you sample. Don`t stand and wait, hang the pump up.


In order not to pollute the next sample, cut or sweep of the tube before you pull it out of the pump. The pump is now ready for the next job, with new tube and bottle.