Fluid sampling

Clean and easy

Preventive maintenance & environmental control


The oil sampling system is very useful for many non-sampling applications. It is often good to have a small hi-vacuum source at hand.

The oil sampling system is ideal wherever you need a small, inexpensive, high-vacuum source. It is good for micro filtering, for portioning, for starting up of siphons an more.

The sampling pump is metal free and easy to dismantle for change of parts. It is perfect for most environments.
It lets the fluid go directly from the source into the attached bottle. This means no need for cleaning of the pump, and if you change tube between jobs there is no risk for inter contamination.

Filling of a servo system by sucking the fluid through the system
The vacuum pump is very handy for filling or taking air bubbles out of a servo system
Emptying of oil in an engine
Changing of oil and other fluids in f.ex. a small boats is often difficult and messy. With the vacuum pump it can be done clean and smooth. Sometimes it is practical to take help of the siphon effect as well.
Emptying a servo fluid reservoar
The vacuum pump gets the job done in no time.
Pump with spare gas can
The pump works well with a 5 liter spare gas can of the type you find on most gas stations. These cans can't take the full vacuum of the pump, but pump slow and take advantage of the siphon effect, when possible.
Portioning of posion
It is easy to portion poison and other difficult fluids in exact dosis whithout getting your hands in contact with the medias.
Micro filtration
The small, inexpensive, sampling pump is perfect for many lab applications, like micro filtering with the shown Millipor filter heads and other jobs where you need vacuum.