Water sampling

Water can be scoped up or poured out, but often using our pump and a long tube, like our narrow 4,7/3 mm size, with a weight,works better.  The other solution is to use a long pointer, like our 4 meters, which lets you reach out, or deep down, to difficult places. 

Our glass bottles are favoured for water sampling by many labs, and the magnum kits give them perfect protection.

Oil sampling  bottles

We stock a number of common sampling bottles made of transparent PETG, of glass and of HDPE. The bottles have thread sizes 22, 28, 38 mm, and 50 mm in volumes from 30 ml up to 1000 ml. We also have adapters for some of the common 5 liter spare gas cans that you find on gas stations.
If you don't find the bottle you are looking for, just ask.

What does PETG and HDPE stand for?
CLICK HERE for link to information about material properties.
Bottle 22-30ml HDPE - Dia. 30 mm.  H 70 mm.
Bottle 22-30ml HDPE
Bottle 22-50ml HDPE - Dia. 37 mm. H 77 mm.
Bottle 22-50ml HDPE
Bottle 22-150ml HDPE - Dim. 31x68 mm. H 113 mm.
Bottle 22-150ml HDPE
Bottle 22-250ml HDPE - Dia. 53 mm. H 175 mm.
Bottle 22-250ml HDPE
 Bottle 28-60ml PETG - Dia. 39 mm. H 80 mm.
Bottle 28-60ml PETG
 Bottle 28-60ml HDPE - Dia. 39 mm. H 80 mm.
Bottle 28-60ml HDPE
 Bottle 28-500ml HDPE - Dia. 65 mm. H 209 mm.
Bottle 28-500ml HDPE
Bottle 28-100ml Glass Clear - Dia. 46 mm. H 105 mm.
Bottle 28-100ml Glass Clear
Bottle 28-100ml Glass Brown - Dia. 47 mm. H 112 mm.
Bottle 28-100ml Glass Brown
 Bottle 28-500ml Glass Clear - Dia. 72 mm. H 200 mm.
Bottle 28-500ml Glass Clear
 Bottle 28-1000ml Glass Clear - Dia. 93 mm. H 240 mm.
Bottle 28-1000ml Glass Clear
Bottle 38-100ml PETG - Dia. 41 mm. H 96 mm.
Bottle 38-100ml PETG
Bottle 38-100ml HDPE - Dia. 41 mm. H  96 mm.
Bottle 38-100ml HDPE
Bottle 50-500ml HDPE - Dim. 84x55 mm. H 160 mm.
Bottle 50-500ml HDPE
 Bottle 50-1000ml HDPE - Dim. 94x74 mm. H 205 mm.
Bottle 50-1000ml HDPE
Papertubes - Transport-tubes with inner diameter 40,45 and 55 mm. Fits our bottles with a volume between 30 and 250 ml.
Envelopes - Padded envelopes for mail shippments.

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