Oil sampling pumps. Probes for sampling from sampling valves

The pump is designed for efficient sampling of fluids under all conditions, in warm and cold weather, in mines as well as under ruff conditions at sea. The fluid goes directly from the object to be sampled into the sampling bottle, without touching the pump, no need for cleaning. All parts are made of high strength plastic and screwed together, easy to take apart. The pump gives up to 95 % vacuum. CLICK HERE to go to instructions page.
Oil sampling pumps - We stock pumps with the following threads:22, 28, 32 and 38 mm.
Oil sampling pumps
Probes for oil sampling - The 1/2\" probe is widely used for sampling from \"Checkfluid\" and \"Minimess\" sampling-valves that you find on for example Caterpillars.
Probes for oil sampling
Adapters for sampling bottles - We make adapters between our 22 mm pump and common sampling bottles.With a minimum order of 50 adapters we also make custom adapters.
Adapters for sampling bottles
Footstands - A practical metal footstand that will ease the sampling work.
Magnetic pump holders - The magnetic clamp let you fasten the pump to any iron surface.
Magnetic pump holders
Spill and fire handling granula - Half a liter of spill and fire dampening granula in a moist-proof bottle. Perfect to place out wherever you may need it. Harmless to people.
Spill and fire handling granula
Spill and fire handling kit - A handy kit with six moist-proof bottles with spill and fire dampening granula. Place it out wherever there is a risk for spill or fire. Contains also a scraper, paper tissues and plastic bags.
Spill and fire handling kit

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